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Help via email
You can contact our help desk by sending an e-mail to the following address: servizioclienti@lacromografica.it
Help via Skype
If you wish, you can contact us directly with your questions using the chat facility on Skype.

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User manual
Download the MyPhotoSBK user manual. There, you will find useful information and advice about our software: myphotosbk_en.pdf
I have a slow internet connection. How can I send you my work?

If you do not have a fast internet connection, you can still save your work (using the “Save Completed Pages” option), burn it to a CD/DVD, and post the latter to the following address:

Redazione MyPhotoSBK c/o Cromografica Roma S.r.l. via Tiburtina 912, 00156 Rome - Italy

Remember to write the order number received at the end of the purchasing procedure on the postal envelope/package. This order number is also written on the purchase confirmation e-mail.